Vital statistics
Position Client from Barcelona.
Age Unknown
Status Dating with Trip (Alternate)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Maria is a major character Façade. She is one of Trip's secrets where he had an affair with her, because of his loneliness with Grace.



Maria is frequently mentiones by Trip, where he reveals that he had an affair with her. This makes Trip and Grace stop arguing and making Trip leave, saying it was over for both Grace and him.

In March 10th 2001, Maria asked Trip to go buy some groceries while Spiderman stalked them. While Maria was cutting meat,Spider showed up, slapped Mari, took her Butcher's knife and slits her throat. After Maria was dead, Spidey then cuts her head off with the butcher's knife and he stuck her head in the toilet.


  • Maria was revealed to be a client from Barcelona.
  • Trip and Maria had an affair with one another.