Cheating Coon
Vital statistics
Position Model For Pornhub
Age Unknown
Status Dating with King Bach Trip (Alternate)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Maria is a Cheating Bitch and a hooker in Façade. She is one of Trip's secrets where he & Grace & Vince & Spiderman & The Players Names In The Epic 68some, because of his virginity with Kitty Katrina Grace, and because he has a really very Super Mega Ultra small Cock.



Maria is mentioned by Gary Rojas Or by Scotty Sire Trip once you have Successfully Screwed Grace, been able to get sperm out of him about his Hooker

He will reveal that he screwed her in Barcelona, while placing a bag with a picture of Mel Giboson over her face, You Can Even See Trip Have Sex With Her In Facade 2.


  • Maria was revealed to be a client from Barcelona.
  • Trip and the player had an affair with one another.
  • Maria Will Reveal Her True Appearance In Facade 3 With [Vince]
  • Maria Had Sex With [Vince] When They Were 15, The Player Was Born From Them
  • She Is The Wife Of [Vince]
  • In Preschool She Was The Best Friend of [Grace]
  • She Really Hates Dan Howell & Wootans From Family Feud
  • She was killed by Spiderman while she was in Italy