Trip, or Travis, is on of the main characters in Facade. He is Grace's husband and a good friend of the player.

Trip's surename is unknown.

The game revolves around the player solving Trip and Grace's domestic issues.

Appearance and personality Edit

Trip is a white male of average height with blonde hair and green eyes. On the outside, he seems friendly, but as you delve deeper into the game, darker aspects of his personality come to light, interactions with him will develop his personality, for example if the player is friendly to him, Trip will act friendly to the player, however if the player behaves unfriendly, Trip will kick them out of the apartment. .

Trip is possibly intolerantly racist, since if you say words in languages other than English he will kick you out of the house. NIGGA

Relationships Edit

Grace Edit

Grace is his wife who was manipulated into marrying him and is apparently unhappy with her life.


Maria is a woman Trip had an affair with on a trip to Europe

The Player Edit

An old friend of Trip who introduced him to his future wife Grace

Spiderman Edit

Spiderman is known to be Trip and Grace's Major enemy because he killed Vincent and Maria during their trip to Italy. Later He caused the shooting of their apartment which he was extremely famous for in the year 2003.

Donald Trump Edit

Trip is very good friends with Donald, And he is often invited to party's at trump towers, in which they smoke drugs.

Trivia Edit

  • Trip has an unusual disdain for the word "melon", and if you type it, you will most likely be kicked out of the apartment.
  • Trip spent six months in a homeless shelter as a child.
  • Trip is materialistic, as throughout the game he periodically will talk about his parents and how they are 'cheap' and loves to brag about his expensive vacations, lavish parties, Grace's high-paying job, and decorating.
  • Trip banged a hooker named "Maria" and since he is retarded he didn't realize it.
  • Trip previously cheated on Grace while in Europe with a woman named Maria. Similarly, Grace also cheated on Trip before they got engaged with an artist named Vincent but fortunately he was shot and killed by Spiderman.
  • Whoever the hell writes these needs to return to school, because he/she has less of a brain than Trip.
    • Trip once smoked marijuana with Donald Trump while laughing at poor people.